Truck Driver Interview Questions

Truck Driver Interview Questions

No one really likes job interviews. It is a situation that is stressful for most of us. 

You are in an unfamiliar environment and you know that people are monitoring everything you say and everything you do. No pressure! Even the most confident people have a problem handling these situations and especially with tackling the interview questions. 

We bet that you thought that truck drivers simply show up for their trucks and drive into the sunset. We wish things were that simple!

Driving trucks for long distances is a very responsible job so before hiring, companies need to do a thorough background check of every driver – their driving record, their CDL, and insurance papers as well. Of course, an interview is part of this equation. Before you start panicking, it is not rocket science – you got this. You just need more preparation and the next thing you know – you’ll be on the road. 

Let’s see what you can expect at your job interview!

Truck Driver Interview Questions Explained

Truck driver interview questions can be grouped into 3 types: operational, behavioral, and role-specific questions. Trucking companies are looking for skilled and experienced drivers that have a great sense of orientation, great knowledge about traffic regulation, and experience when comes to large vehicle maintenance. 

Through these types of questions, you need to demonstrate your knowledge on how to deal with complicated situations, explain the way you do your job, and how you react in certain circumstances. Complicated clients or some unplanned situations on the road tend to happen very often on the road so it is important to remain professional and don’t forget about safety protocol every step of your way.

Operational questions

Some examples of operational questions include: 

  • If a client was dissatisfied because you arrived late with their delivery which is caused by some problems on the road, how would you handle it? The client is being rude and disrespectful to you.

Why this question: This is the situation where you can’t let your temper get the best of you. You need to remain professional and to be cooperative with the client and be ready to handle the situation effectively. Always mention that you apologize and explain the circumstances. The quicker you diffuse this unpleasant situation, you will continue with your schedule. Just be honest, that is the key here.

  • If asked to describe the basic maintenance of the truck, which steps you will follow?

Why is this question important: it is important to keep your truck in working order but more important is the overall safety. So you need to think in advance and keep records of every step. Follow the maintenance guidelines and make a pre-trip inspection where you will check your tires your lights and mirrors to check if they are positioned properly. 

It is also a great thing to mention that you have your own maintenance calendar set and you follow all the details. This question is designed to show your overall knowledge about truck maintenance and how you handle responsibility and how smooth is your workflow. 

Role-specific questions

These questions are focused on your future role. Some of the most basic questions you will probably have on your interview include:

  • Which steps do you take to ensure meeting the tight deadlines?

Why is this important: Deadlines are the critical factor for success in the trucking industry so respecting them is the most important thing you need to do. So it is important to mention that you tend to plan your trips to avoid missing the important deadlines, that you are ready to take alternative routes, and you are backed up with apps to ensure you will be there in time.

  • How do you react if some driver is acting dangerously on the road or making mistakes that will jeopardize other drivers?

Why is this question important: Ensuring safety is the number one priority on the road and you are responsible for your vehicle and for the safety of your load. So you will encounter these types of questions very often. Companies will always hire a driver that remains calm and professional in difficult circumstances to make sure to mention that. Make sure that you will continue your way with way more caution, making sure that other drivers on the road are safe too.

Behavioral questions

These questions are mostly about your experiences in the trucking industry and your behavior on the road. 

  • Can you remember the situation where you lost control on the road? What did you do to remain focused?

Why is this important: That situation happened to everyone. So be honest and explain how did you handle this complicated situation. Share your tips and hack on how to beat boredom and remain focused during the long days on the road. 

  • What can you tell me about previous relationships with clients?

Why is this important: It is important to mention your previous business relations to see how you are talking about your previous employer. Always show respect and never talk bad about them – it could be a red flag for your potential employer. When asked why you decided to leave, said you were ready to grow more and search for new experiences.

And when tables turn….

You can ask your interviewer everything you want to. Some of the questions you need to consider asking your interviewer include:

  • Always ask about equipment, which type of vehicle you will drive.
  • Insurance options offered in the company. 
  • Ask about the company’s fueling policy.
  • Are there any performance evaluations and how often?
  • Which software is used for logs?
  • Is there room for progress here and how it works?

In conclusion

The most important thing is to remain calm and professional at any moment, on the interview and on the road as well. Be honest about previous experiences and make sure to show that you are passionate about your job. If you have great planning skills, you are responsible, you put safety and professionalism above all – you will amaze your interviewer. 

If you are at the very beginning, our team in the “Grasshopper Trucking” will ensure that you learn from the best.  No worries, you are in the right place, and If you are looking for a job apply here or contact us.