Transport of High Value Loads

High-value or high-risk loads require special attention when being transported. Such cargo is simply too valuable or risky to be transported via usual means. That’s why the majority of carriers have specific policies in place for transporting such loads.

Everything must be done “by the book,” or things can end pretty badly. Companies that require transportation services and carriers must be in perfect sync so that high-value/high-risk loads can be safely delivered and on time. With that in mind, here’s how high-value/high-risk loads are usually being transported.

What are the high-value/high-risk loads?

High value/high-risk load is an extensive-term. High value can mean anything from the price of the equipment to its importance. For example, a million dollars worth of high-tech equipment is equally high-value load as essential pharmaceuticals required to supply a hospital. 

The same goes for high-risk loads. High risk can mean anything from the load being a potential target for criminals too dangerous chemicals that can cause a catastrophe if spilled. Nevertheless, high-value/high-risk shipments need to be transported safely and securely to their destination.

Transport Of High Value Loads

The planning phase


The planning phase happens before the actual transport. Carriers have to work with the owner of the cargo to determine the best route for the transport of high value/high-risk loads, as well as determine should additional security be hired or not.

Other factors have to be considered, such as the size of the loads, the number of trucks needed to transport it, running a background check on drivers, implementing security equipment, and so on. All this must be planned and determined beforehand. All the possible risks have to be minimized and mitigated before they can transport the load.

Insurance coverage


Transport of such loads is not without risk, which is why every carrier needs to ensure that all the insurance coverage is in place. This is part of the carrier’s responsibility as they are liable for damages or thefts during transport.

Therefore, if you’re transporting a load of high-tech equipment worth around $400,000 but your insurance covers only up to $250,000, you will have to cover the difference with your own money should something go astray. That’s why it’s vital to obtain proper insurance coverage for the load, truck, drivers, and everything else.

Taking all the necessary steps


There are many factors to consider when transporting risky and valuable loads. Both the client and the carrier must take all the necessary steps to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. For example, constantly, you need to obtain special government licenses and permits to transport such loads. If the driver parks the load for a prolonged period, you must ensure a facility with 24/surveillance and security where you can park the load safely.

High-value/high-risk loads are pretty demanding and need special attention both during transport and otherwise.

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