Reefer Trailers

The trucking industry and transportation sector have evolved drastically over the years. Nowadays, carriers can pretty much adapt to any client need. That said, there are plenty of different truck trailers specifically designed to transport various cargo and goods.

If the goods need to be transported in a certain way and under certain conditions, good chances are a truck trailer designed especially for that purpose. A good example is a reefer trailer, short for a refrigerated trailer, but no one likes to call it by its full name. Therefore, let’s take a look at what reefer trailers are and what they’re used for.

What are reefer trailers?

As mentioned before, the reefer is short for refrigerated, which means this trailer is designed to transport temperature-sensitive goods. In most cases, reefer trailers will transport goods that arrive at their destination fresh and in peak condition.

A good example is fruit or vegetables that need to be refrigerated or kept cool, so they don’t start to rot by the time they reach a supermarket or a convenience store. 

Moreover, reefers can also transport goods, such as meat, but those are transported frozen and are kept frozen to thaw at the store, not the other way around. All in all, reefer trailers have excellent temperature control capabilities that allow them to transport temperature-sensitive cargo.

reefer trailers

Warming things up


Contrary to popular belief, reefer trailers don’t just cool things down or keep them frozen, even though the name suggests precisely that. The fact of the matter is that reefer trailers can also keep things warm to prevent them from freezing.

This is especially true for transporting goods during winter when temperatures tend to drop significantly. Therefore, reefer transport is designed to transport cargo that needs to be kept cool or kept warm. In other words, the ideal temperature that the goods require can be ensured with a reefer trailer.

What are reefers used for?


Reefers usually transport food that needs to be at the right temperature at all times until it reaches the destination. A good example is transporting chocolate and preventing it from melting but at the same time preventing it from becoming an ice block.

Still, reefers can transport many different things because they run on a closed system that allows ideal overall conditions, such as maintaining the proper humidity aside from just keeping the right temperature. That said, you can use reefers to transport goods in perfect condition like wine, for instance, or sensitive medical supplies and other pharmaceuticals.


Reefer trailers are ideally designed to transport temperature-sensitive cargo. Aside from cooling things down, these trailers can warm things up or keep the goods at room temperature if need be.

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