Flatbed Trailers

The transportation sector is ready to transport any kind of load you can think of. Lots of carriers are adequately prepared for whatever comes their way. Do you need to transport an oversized freight that doesn’t fit anywhere? No problem. Carriers have the right trailer for any type of cargo or load. Today we’ll talk about flatbed trailers. Without further ado, let’s see what those flatbeds are and what they are for.

What is a flatbed trailer?

A flatbed is a type of trailer that has an open deck with no roof or sides. Its flat-shaped body allows for seamless loading and unloading of cargo. But the most exciting fact about flatbeds is that they’re used for transporting loads that won’t fit in a dry van, reefer, or any other type of trailer. So it can easily transport any bulky cargo with crazy dimensions with the help of a flatbed trailer.

How much can a flatbed carry?

You’ve probably seen a truck pass by carrying heavy machinery on flatbed trailers by now. A flatbed can take many loads, including construction material, machines, and even other vehicles. Flatbeds have a standardized load capacity of 48,000 pounds which is almost 22,000 kg.

They are suited for top, sided, or rear loading. They are usually 58′ tall, which is a typical loading dock height. Trailers commonly used in flatbed transport include legal flatbeds, step decks, double drops, and RGNs ( Removable Goose Necks).

flatbed trailers

Understanding the load

Flatbed trailers are designed to carry unconventional loads, but they are not without limitations. Understanding the load is vital for determining which type of flatbed trailers should be used, which should add accessories, and, of course, which truck should do the transport.

For example, the use of tarps, chains, and corner protectors may be necessary depending on the load itself. Moreover, sometimes the load will not fit standardized dimensions, which means making special precautions such as having a visible “oversized load” sign and markings easily seeable.

Loading and unloading

Due to the nature of the load carried by flatbed trailers, loading and unloading cargo can be challenging and demanding. That’s why you must have the proper equipment at hand and the right staff who will load or unload the cargo both efficiently and safely.

For example, some loads, such as other vehicles or heavy machinery, will require a crane to load it or unload it from the trailer. In such cases, you must secure the area where the cargo will be loaded or unloaded so that no one gets hurt or that the cargo doesn’t get damaged due to the lack of space.

Flatbed trailers are ideally suited for various types of loads that cannot transport otherwise. The important thing is to assess the situation so that everything can go as seamlessly as possible.

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