Expedited and Standard

The transportation sector offers a plethora of services. Therefore, it’s not just about shipping goods but also about how those goods are shipped. A good example is expedited shipping. The demand for delivers is high, and it continues to increase practically daily.

Whether goods are delivered to consumers or companies, the urgency to provide goods and deliver them as fast as possible is present everywhere. That’s why a lot of carriers offer expedited deliveries as part of their services. With that in mind, let’s have a look at the differences between standard and expedited shipping.

Standard shipping

The standard delivery of goods follows a specific procedure that’s in line with the carrier’s policies. The goods will be loaded onto a truck, and that truck will transport the cargo from one destination to the other. However, standard shipping usually involves a single driver who takes regular breaks during delivery. Therefore, standard shipping is slower and costs less than other services.

Expedited shipping

Many companies need cargo delivered faster than usual. That means that standard shipping doesn’t bode well with them, and they need something else. This is where expedited shipping comes into play. This service ensures the delivery of goods faster than standard transit times.

What that means is that the carrier will have a dedicated truck with two drivers. The truck will rarely stop along the way, reducing the delivery time and time spent in transit drastically. Of course, expedited shipping comes with higher rates than standard shipping, which means it’s more expensive.

expedited and standard

When is expedited shipping used?


As mentioned before, both expedited and standard transport of goods will deliver your goods; one is simply faster and more expensive than the other. So when is expedited shipping used? For example, a retail company may offer same-day or next-day delivery to their customers to provide additional convenience.

Logically, these retailers will opt for expedited shipping. Also, some goods can be time-sensitive and need to be transported quickly, like pharmaceuticals, for instance. In any event, it all depends on the company and its needs.

Advantages of expedited shipping


Aside from the convenience of goods being delivered faster, expedited shipping offers unique advantages. For example, since trucks that deliver expedited goods have fewer stops and touch-points, the chances of goods being damaged during transport are drastically reduced.

Moreover, if some of your equipment or machinery gets damaged, you can get replacement parts much faster than usual, which reduces downtime significantly.

Last but not least, you can have goods delivered just-in-time so that you can maintain a lean supply chain or a manufacturing process. Even at a higher price, expedited shipping is simply way more convenient than standard shipment, so it’s very cost-effective.

Expedited shipping offers a whole new level of convenience. A lot of companies will gladly pay more for such a service.

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