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5 Tips for Maintaining Your Truck’s Lighting in Check

There are various factors that contribute to general road and traffic safety, and proper lighting is one of them. Without good vehicle lighting it would be impossible to ensure road safety not just for you but for everyone else involved. This concern becomes even more relevant when business fleets are concerned.

Keeping your truck lighting in check and making sure everything is in order can significantly reduce your maintenance and replacement costs in the long run. But how does one do that? Here, we will discuss some of the easiest and best ways you can ensure that you keep your truck’s lighting in check.

Inspect the lights regularly

To start off, make sure you check your lighting on a regular basis. This is something that won’t take basically no time but it can bring plenty of good in the long run. So, make sure you regularly inspect your lights to ensure that all of them are functioning properly. Otherwise, you run the risk of hitting the road with potentially faulty lights that can not only potentially endanger you and other participants, but it can also result in a ticket. Every ticket can negatively affect your overall safety ratings, so keep that in mind. Even tough regular daily inspection is mandatory, not all truck drivers actually do it – so make sure you are not one of them.

Be mindful of your surroundings

Truck lighting is made to be super durable and withstand various conditions, especially if you make sure that you keep your lighting in check. However, it can sometimes happen that they get damaged by small rocks and other debris that can be found on the roads. On top of that, direct sunlight can also damage your lights, making them become foggy and blurry. Of course, while there’s nothing you can do to prevent this while on the road, you can make a habit of it to always ensure that you park your truck in a shaded area. This way you will somewhat reduce the exposure and thus prolong you truck light’s longevity.

Always change bulbs in pair

No matter how careful you are, the lights on your truck can sometimes just stop working. When such a scenario happens – and it will, make sure you replace your light bulbs in pair – especially when front head lights are concerned. This is commonly advised due to the fact that the light bulbs get worn out over time. So, if one of them died, chances are that the other one will probably also do so shortly. Additionally, if you replace only one bulb, you will notice the difference in light intensity, color and clarity.

Lighting in Check

Keep spare bulbs handy

Another good tip is to try and always have spare light bulbs at hand. It can happen that your lights die suddenly, so you want to make sure you have a spare, so that you can change them on sight. Trying to reach the truck stop with dead headlights is not a huge issue if it happens during the day. But if it happens during the night, you would be putting everyone – yourself included – in potential danger. So, make sure you are prepared for such scenarios by always keeping a spare handy. Of course, if you end up needing to use those spare light bulbs, make sure you buy a new pair at your earliest convenience.   

Always choose quality

In the end, it’s important to note that there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to truck lighting. And while all of them will most certainly do the job, some will perform better than others. That is why you should always choose only top quality options for your vehicle. High quality lights can sometimes cost a bit more upfront, but the fact that they usually last longer and perform better in general makes them worth it. 

These are just some of the tips on how you can make sure you keep your truck lighting in check. By inspecting them regularly and making sure you’re not pushing them beyond their limits, you can expect your truck lights to last you for a very long time. Additionally, make sure you always keep spare light bulbs close by because you never really know when your current one can simply choose to stop working. And finally, always choose top quality lights and make sure you always replace your front head lights in pair to ensure peak performance.